Friday, March 7, 2014

Month-long motorcycle tour of California

I was recently laid-off, so I am capitalizing on having time by taking a month-long motorcycle trip around California. I'll probably be just exploring Cali because we're in a drought and the rest of the country is getting dumped with lots of snow. The plan is to camp, hostel hop and stay with friends.

I'll be posting here periodically with photos of my adventure.

Thank you so much to my friends and family for helping me get my motorcycle road ready and for lending me camping gear. I really couldnt of done it without you. I camped as a kid, but never solo as an adult. It's a tad scary but the only way I'm going to get comfortable is by jumping in and doing it!

take care,

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  1. Did you get your GPS to work?

    1. So i saw this before i saw my email....

  2. Not yet. I'll try calling you here in about an hour. Perhaps you could brainstorm with me. The GPS cant find me.