Sunday, March 30, 2014

I was wrong about Joshua Tree

I kept getting completely opposite reviews on Joshua Tree, that I had to see it for myself. My artist friend Philip said I'd love it and he was absolutely right! I'd never experienced the desert first hand before. I was expecting tall green cactus, short, round barrel cactus, tumble weeds, colorful sand, scorpions, snakes, and blistering heat. Thankfully I was wrong. There's much more to the desert then that. My great grandpa Popsi talked fondly about looking for apache tears in Death Valley. 15 years later I experienced the desert first hand and now I see why he loved it! 

The desert plants and the terrain are so foreign to me. I took more photos during my two days in Joshua Tree than any other place I've stayed at during the last three weeks. I'd never seen plants shaped like that. Or giant boulders, that were bigger than any jumbo boulder I'd seen before. Whatever word that means bigger than jumbo describes these rock formations. They made me giggle. They dont look real. 

Click on this photo and look for the person sitting on top of the boulder. This was one of the smaller rock piles. Can you believe that? The best part was that there were no signs saying to stay off of the rocks, so I bouldered at will. I was like a little girl again. It was so much fun!

Tim, my brother, I often think of you during this adventure. I loved exploring caves with you when we were kids. You need to go visit the desert! Popsi was right! The above cave had a 3-4 foot ceiling height. I was basically crawling under a Jumbo boulder. I couldnt stop laughing. Again- the rocks are so big!!!

Another small rock pile. Compare the rocks to the car. Isnt that ridiculous?!? 

A dead Joshua Tree. 

A hole from the settlers or perhaps the Indians for grinding flour.

The desert was starting to bloom! I'd heard that the desert has flowers, but I wasnt expecting so many delicate, non-succulent plants.  

A yuca plant showing off it's spikes! 

Joshua Tree limbo.

Tumble weeds! I can name them, unlike 99% of the other plants. 

The days were super windy. Come to think of it, so were the nights. It was so loud trying to sleep in the tent, with the wind whipping the fly around, that the ear plugs made almost no difference. I just lay in the sleeping bag, laughing at the noise and marveling that the tent held together despite being so contorted. I dont know how the tent poles didnt break. Go REI! The tent was moving around so much, that the walls were touching me, even though it sleeps two people.

The incredible REI tent, lent to me from my friend Amy, is on the right. I shared a campsite with a fellow biker and her tent is on the left. 

The sky is gorgeous out here. The clouds just flew by, like fog in San Francisco. The clouds cleared up both nights to show off the 1000s of stars.

Good night moon.

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  1. The desert has my heart! The Caribbean too but the desert was a cheaper place to have my heart :). Perfect timing to experience the desert during an annual cacti bloom! They're the best!