Sunday, March 9, 2014

First time camping solo

The start of the trip was perfect, riding down from the San Francisco bay area to Santa Cruz with two brothers, who I wish could of joined me on this epic trip. We're motorcycle camped before and had a blast! I feel like between the three of us we could do anything. I attribute that to us being all crazy home school kids.

I camped at Big Basin, which is in the Santa Cruz mountains. I didnt make plans for this trip on where I'd be staying- that would take the adventure out of it. I discovered as the sun was setting, that most of the campsites in the area are open seasonally. I kept riding from one to the next hoping the next one would be open. I learned that the season starts in 3 weeks, on April 1st (no joke). As the sun set I made it to Big Basin and thankfully they were open.

This was my first time camping solo as an adult. On the second morning I had an epiphany. If it was as dangerous as I thought camping solo as a lady, that park wouldnt allow it. Or at least they'd warn me to be careful. I had an amazing time hiking around the redwoods and rediscovering my new favorite road, HWY 9.

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