Monday, March 10, 2014

How I kept my sanity

I'm an atypical artist. In my living room there is a peg board wall of tools, artistic in display and organized for easy use. I live for finishing projects, because I love the feeling of completion. I default to writing to-do lists, keeping spreadsheets of receipts for sculptures and tracking the timeline to figure out how to make that piece of artwork faster the next time.

Out of character I didnt plan my itinerary for this motorcycle adventure. I thought I'd be limiting my experience if I figured out where I'd stay and what I'd do each day. This adventure way surpassed my expectations. I am so glad I didnt plan it to death. Instead I decided to head South, to stay away from the snow, and cruise around California for a month or after I'd spent my budget of $1000. I had camping gear, a list of hostels and friends of friends who were up for hosting me.  

To keep my sanity, I did have some organizational tools with me on the road, contained in these two journals. Of all of the things I had to do before leaving town (like setting up health insurance and setting my bills to auto pay), it was super important to me to decorate these journals. I am such an artist. 

On the first page I had a calendar for March, to write down the city, a blurb of what I did each day and where I slept (camping, hosteling, staying with friends...) Then on the next page was a calendar to track my expenses for March. I did the same thing for April. 

The middle of the journal was for writing. My art form on the road was writing. I wrote daily. I coudnt get enough of journalling about all that I was seeing, the places I stayed at, the interesting folks that I'd met. I filled both journals and picked up another one on the road. 

Then at the back of both of the journals was space for new friends I'd meet on the road to write down their contact information (it's super hard to keep tract of small pieces of paper like business cards, so I prefer friends to write in my journal). There's also a page of old friend's addresses so I can mail them post cards. There's a short list of phone numbers in case my cell phone goes MIA, including close family members and my bank. I taped in an envelope to hold business cards. And I also taped to the inside of the back cover postcard stamps.

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