Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Andersen's Split Pea Soup

As a kid, my mom, dad, brother, me and sometimes Grandma, would drive from Northern California to So Cal to visit both sets of great grandparents. It's about an eight hours drive, so about half way we'd stop at Andersen's restaurant to stretch our legs. I'd always look forward to stopping there because the restaurant had a real sized windmill!

I saw a billboard for Andersen's in Buellton and I had to make a detour. It wasnt until I got there that I realized this wasnt the same location I visited as a kid. There was no windmill. But it was sentimental all the same. I picked up a bumper sticker for my saddle bags of Pee Wee and Hap Pee working together to hand split peas with a hammer and chisel. 

I didnt order any food (even though their split pea soup is really good). Instead I walked around the gift shop, reminiscing over my childhood. I was thinking about our California road trips and growing up in England and getting to visit Denmark and seeing working windmills in person. I love you family.  

I love the tulip railing! It's so happy and playful. 

I dont think of wine and my childhood restaurant, but this was too funny not to share. 

I teared up a bit in the gift shop. I hadnt expected this detour to mean so much to me. Thank you family for all of the good memories. 

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