Sunday, March 30, 2014

Motel room in Banning

It always takes way longer than I expect to pack up my gear and hit the road. It shouldnt of been a surprise that I left Deer Park Monastery at 4:30pm. I wanted to make it to Joshua Tree, an unknown number of hours to the East, ideally before dark. (I dont tend to plan. That takes the adventure out of things.) 

I rode North on The Avocado Highway through Escondido and stopped at the first gas station. Eating vegan all weekend at the Monastery meant no junk food, artificial coloring, GMOs and crap like that. For those of you who know me, I eat a healthy diet, but I must confess, my weakness are BBQ potato chips and any gummy candy. I undid some of the good that happened at Deer Park by inhaling both of these right next to the gas pump, without mindfully eating them. It was worth it!

After riding for what felt like forever, it got cold and dark. I pulled over to switch out my tinted visor for the clear one for better night riding, when I saw a motel. I was so tired from getting up at 5am to meditate with the monks that I was unsafe to continue riding. I booked a room! 

The last time I paid for a motel room was July 2013 at Moto GP at Laguna Seca. I dont following professional racing, but when I was invited to go, I didnt want to pass that up and see motorcycles zoom by at ridiculously fast speeds! I had just bought my Suzuki SV1000 a few weeks before and rode down there from the San Francisco bay area. I had a really great time. That was one of the best dates I've been on. Thank you Dang. 

I had no idea that there would be 1000s of people at Laguna Seca, which meant 1000s of cars and bikes on the road after the race. After two hours of being stuck on the freeway I rented a motel room that was above a gas station store. That was the best $60 I've ever spent. I felt the exact say way when I stopped on this trip. I didnt even know what city I was in, until I looked at the receipt the next day. Ends up I was in Banning, about an hour away from Joshua Tree.

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