Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camping in Joshua Tree

I figured the desert is the place to either fast or do drugs. I opted for fasting. For the two days that I was there I did a juice fast. Nothing exciting (or I guess in this case, gross, happened). I figure I already eat too healthy for a dramatic, detox fast. Bummer. 

I camped at Ryan Campgrounds.

When I was cruising through the campsite, looking for a spot, a lady rider flagged me down and asked if I wanted to share a camp site! Phoenix had been on the road for as long as me (3 weeks) and we hit it off instantly.  

You are supposed to take it easy when fasting, but I didnt want to miss out on the 10 mile hike! It was well worth it. It was so much fun hiking with Bruce and Phoenix. 

While walking around the campgrounds, a dad and his two teenage boys invited me to play desert bochee. It was my first time playing and the dad killed us! I think he was cheating because he had a beer and everyone knows you loosen up after having a drink. It was so much fun!!! The wooden balls were super vibrant in contrast with the desert earth tones. If I ever go car camping, I need to bring a bochee set. It was like Calvin Ball. ;-)

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