Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My mantra

My mantra for this trip that I say to myself every time I am hesitant is, "What would I do if I wasnt afraid?" Then if the situation was safe, I'd do whatever scared me. Doing a uturn on a dirt hill that's one lane wide. Asking a stranger if he knew my great grandpa at a trailer park. Going sea kayaking in the Pacific Ocean with a new friend.

People are so much more open and friendly when on vacation. They wave to you. Stop and ask you questions. After learning that I'm traveling solo for a month on a motorcycle, the typical reaction is that I'm brave. Not really. I'm traveling in America. Everything is so well sign posted you cant get lost. You have to make your own adventure, which is partially why I didnt make an itinerary for this trip. I want it to be open to being as amazing as possible. If I plan it, I've then limited my experiences to a box. I'll also know everything that's going to happen to me before even departing.  

Meeting fellow travelers, either camping or staying at hostels, we know there isnt much time to get to know the other person, so you just dive in and ask anything and share whatever you want. Often this level of friendship takes years, but really it takes trust and honesty. I've met some really amazing people, who I hope to stay in contact for the rest of my life. Like the Auzssie who flew over here with his motorcycle to ride from California to Chile. Or the lady rider from Big Sur who's also been on the road for three weeks traveling solo on her motorcycle, with the plan to keep riding as long as it's fun. 

Once folks hear that I'm traveling solo, I'm often invited to join them on their excursions. That's how I went sea kayaking. A fellow guest at the Cambria hostel had a car and the hostel had an extra wet suit for me. I said yes and it was as simple as that. We jumped in the car and kayaked in the Pacific ocean with Hearst Castle in the background. It was amazing! 

I'm glad that I'm not letting fear control my life as much. I'm also so thankful that I'm learning to trust strangers. They have blessed my life. Thank you!

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