Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed, Aug 6th, Day 37

(Mary Anne needed a model for her final design project for color and design. I love it! Her design is very funny. The old ladie's boobs are knocking the dog in the head, while the men in the background are in awe of this hot mama.)

I started work at 8 today to beat the heat. It was supposed to be 94 and muggy, but it was over cast, rained a bit then got super hot at the end of the day. I finished casting the belt buckles!!! I am very burnt out from casting them. It is hard to get anything else done when I get pulled away every 20 minutes to demold and cast another buckle.

Jillian taught me about patinas, specifically putting them on doorknobs and face plates for the knobs, to make them more classy. It involves lots of sanding. Patinas are a chemical reaction, so one they are sealed they won't chip off. This is so much better then using paint, especially on door knobs. There are patinas that require the metal to be heated then have the liquid patina brushed on and others put on the cold metal. There are also different patinas from different metals. No double dipping or else the whole bottle will be contaminated! So poor some into anther container.

I tried wiping acetone onto the metal knobs to remove the lacquer, but really it needed a soak in a a bath of acetone. So I used my muscles and a palm sander to remove the finish. Another thing about the patinas, is that they can be found where they sell guns, because they are used to antique guns. You can't get it at Home Depot.

I helped Jillian glue the cast buckles onto the metal buckles. It feels so good to be done with them (at least my part). Now she gets to stain and seal them.

I left early for Happy Hour at the Meridian on Hawthorn. It was a celebration of Mary Anne kicking butt in her online Color and design class. Today was the last day of summer school. She got at least a B. I am really impressed. She posted her paintings on her facebook page. WOW!

(I couldn't find a file format of this picture that I could post here that was totally done, so use your imagination. Mary Anne painted this with gouache!)

(Mary Anne, Kelly and me all fit in Kelly's truck. Good thing us ladies are little.)

(Mary Anne LOVES these flowers! They look like an orange iris!)

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