Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sat, Aug 9th, DAY 40

Ian's mom, Carey, and I had some girl time. We went to a 2 level gallery full of glass artwork! There were several by Chihuly. My favorite ones were the non-glossy surfaces. We went to a coffee shop and talked about art, which was very fun. Carey works at Boulder County Alliance Arts (BCAA), which offers lots of services that I am thinking I want to have with my business that helps artists with marketing, finaces, grants and gettting organized.

The afternoon comprised of getting a much needed adjustment. I've been contemplating flying Mark, Ian's dad, out to San Francisco just for a chiropractic adjustment. Then I took a nap.

That night, Mark, Blayne, Ian's bro, Carey and I went to BCAA for an aerial dance performance. One act stole the show. Two female, former Cirque performers were on a rotisserie like object doing all sorts of things that made me nervous thinking they were going to fall any minute. Their costumes were stunning too!

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