Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sun, Aug. 17th, DAY 48

Today was a bit sad, because it was the last full day in Colorado. I started the day off great with an adjustment and more reading of Carey's resume book.

Then Blayn took Ian and me 4 wheeling up by Georgetown. My Subaru forester did great!! Hurray for car rentals! It was ridiculously beautiful, especially when it started to snow. There was fresh powder all over the road and mountains. Blayn took us to an old mine. Check out the photos. Ian took them with my new camera.

On the way back to Denver, we stopped by an elementary school friend of Blayn's, who just had a kid. The infant was miniature. I forgot they come that small. She is adorable, but I don't want one for many years.

At night, I frantically finished the book of 200 resumes. I also read the chapter on cover letters,
which helped me a bunch. That chapter clarified a lot of questions about the intimidating cover letter. Keeping true to my nerd side, I scanned my favorite resumes and cover letters for layout and content. While reading that book, I have written a draft for my cover letter and resume to be a grant proposal reader. I want to learn how to write effective grants, (to fund my art,) so I need to be around great grants.

Mark made amazing elk burgers. Yum! I am going to miss having meals prepared. Mark and
Carey have been so generous in making amazing meals. Thank you so much! For the last night, Mark, Carey, Ian and I hung out on the deck and visited. I am going to miss spending time with them.

The mine that we drove to.

Blayn slipping and sliding up the ramp into the mine.

Moi. In the last photo you can see all the snow on the roof. Inside the building was crazy amounts of drips from the snow melt off. It was an experience. Standing in the mine, ranked up there with the top things seen on my trip. Everything was weathered from water, and there were old machinery. You could see your breath.

Me throwing snow at my new camera (and camera man).

Me launching the snowball. Ian was safe because my aim was WAY off.

Where's Waldo?

Ian and his brother, Waldo.

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