Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sun, Aug 10th, DAY 41

Another relaxing day that started off with an adjustment (thank you Mark!) Ian, Mark, Carey and I went to Buffalo Bill's grave for see Grubsteak perform one last time. I'd never heard of them before, but Carey has. She's been following them for I think 20 years. First an Irish band played. It was raining like crazy, so everyone had umbrellas and sat under the tarps. It was just like I remember Colorado: sunny one minute, rainy the next.

(The windy drive to Buffalo Bill's grave over looking Boulder and the Coors factory.)

One musician played a modified bagpipe. He blew up a balloon and put it over one end of his harmonica. When he played the harmonica, it sounded like a bagpipe!!! It was super impressive and very funny to watch.

(Mark getting rained on, during the concert. What a touch Coloradoan!)

That night the Grandparents came over for dinner. I hadn't seen them for 2 years, when they spent a day in San Francisco, back when I lived on 21st Ave in the Richmond. I played around with my new camera that Ian picked out for me. I got sick of spending so much on developing film, for this trip. Ian picked out the camera so that his good technology karma will give it a long life. The past 2 digital camera I've owned had mysteriously died. This new one has a warranty, so I should be fine.

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