Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wed, Aug 13th, DAY 44

The three men, Blayn, Mark and Ian.

The bro-skis (the way Ian's calls them).

I've been devouring one of Carey's books called, "Gallery of the best resumes" by David Noble. He goes over format, layout and what needs to be on the resume. It's full of 200 plus examples of finished resumes. It has helped so much. I've been writing a resume to a non-profit for an internship as a grant reader. I haven't started looking for places in the bay area for a specific no-profit, but I have a good idea of my layout and information.

I had an adjustment ( I am loving this!!!) Then Ian and I drove to Parker to visit the Grandparents and with Jack the white, lab. Barb walked us around Parker and showed us some local art. I also got to see the mural she worked on with another lady. They used historical photos to replicate the early days of the town. For lunch we had an amazing spaghetti with churiso!!! Even though it was super hot I had to play fetch with the dog. He bounced up and down all over the backyard.

That night was Blayn's graduation from the rehab program at Salvation Army. He gave an inspiring speech to the other beneficiaries who are still in the program. I am super proud of him!!! To celebrate we went out for Thai. The dessert was amazing: rice, coconut milk and mangoes. YUM!

It was so warm out Ian and I slept on an air matress on the deck. That is my favorite place to sleep. Watch the stars and wake up to the sunrise. That's perfect in my book.

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