Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tue, Aug 12th, DAY 43

All morning I was nerding out doing research on how people get motivated and on San Francisco statistics. I'm going to use the information in my proposal to the art residency at the San Francisco transfer station (aka the dump). The deadline is Aug. 30th, so I am revising my written proposal. After I submit my proposal I'll be writing more about it. If I don't get the 4 month residency, I'll look for places to get a grant to cover the cost of making the art.

I am super excited about my plans so far. It seems like all my research turns into more research. One thing always leads to another. I got off on a tangent while reading in Wikipedia about motivation. It was on Myers-Briggs personality test. I read the description of the 8 categories and with out a doubt I am a INTJ. I found an insightful and creepy explanation of my type in this article: It's creepy because it describes me very accurately, especially the part about getting annoyed at other people's short comings.

Ian and I walked around downtown, in particular the public library! The outside is really interesting looking, but the inside has lots of fluorescent lights and pink walls. We looked through books in Polish. I'd never seen it written before. There are lots of really long words like in Dutch.

We took the grand tour of Arvada, looking for Apple Jacks. We found it, along with the sought after cactus juice, and feasted at Chipotle. We then got lost going to Boulder, to go to Carey's work for a class on grant writing. The teacher was very impressive. It was a super helpful class.

Some things that I learned from the Grant writing class:
1. Start with my concept for the art project and how I'll evaluate it's success before looking for a grant.
2. Once I know exactly how much money I need for the project, then look for grants.
3. After reading the grant guidelines to see if I can apply, visit the website to see who has won it in the past and for how much money.
4. This next step is super important. Write a memo to myself listing off each criteria that they specify, how it is that I qualify. If I do fit every specification then write the proposal.
5. Format to their specifications. It is a waste of time to tweak layout and spelling for each draft. Save that for the final draft.

Other helpful tips:
1. Take a friend out for lunch or coffee and tell them about your project. It will help you verbalize your idea. The friend is there to ask questions about the project, just like a grant panel would be doing. You've just written your first rough draft of your grant.
2. work, volunteer, intern were you can read grant proposals. That way you can what it is that companies are looking for.
3. Look for places that offer classes on grant writing, budget writing, and how to find the grants. I've taken grant writing class at the Foundation Center in San Francisco and at the BCAA in Colorado. It becomes less of a mystery once you are more informed.

At night Ian and I played Rummy and drank margaritas. Fun times. For the record Ian kicked my butt at the card games. He was on a role. ;-)


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