Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fri, Aug 1st, day 32

It is now Wednesday and I am looking over my notes from what happened last Friday. It's only been 5 days, but it seems so much longer than that. My mom calls me periodically and asks if I have Internet access. I ask her why? Did she send me an email that I need to reply to right away? No, so says, she wants new posts on my blog. Mom helps me to keep up this documentation of my trip. Thank you madre.

Consulting my notes it says I worked for 7.5 hours painting closet doors for Jillian and went to the movies with Deb. At work I also continued casting the belt buckles for the film festival. I cant wait to have pics of the finished belts. They are for the jurors for a festival that happens once every 4 years in McMinville, Oregon. Everyone camps out there for the weekend and watches movies. It sounds like a blast!

I've been casting PermaStone in a rubber mold. I learned from Jillian that for mold release that you can use PAM or silicon spray for food products. Canola oil doesn't work because it is too thick. The white powder is from good old Michaels. It claims to be as strong as concrete, just add water and stir. I also added brown stain to the powder so if it chips it won't reveal the glaring white plaster. It takes about 20 minutes for the belt buckle to set up then 15 minutes to demold, clean up the cast and poor the next one. By today, which is Wednesday, I've cast 35 keepers. About 6 buckles were sacrificed to figuring out how to poor the buckles.

At night, Deb and I went to the Hollywood theatre to watch an Indie film about Genghis Khan, called Mongol. It's the second movie I've seen this year in the theatre. It was stunning! The cinematography was beautiful, and the locations were great. It was graphic, but that was to be expected given the story. I realized that I knew nothing about him. A few days later I watched a documentary on him on the History Channel. Parts of the movie were true, but the love story about his wife wasn't mentioned. Alas.

I also talked with Celeste, a fellow sculptrice. Back in May we both applied to artist in residence programs for next year. She got 2 letters in the mail. One was an acceptance letter to one residency and the other was a rejection letter. I am super happy and proud of her. Celeste works so hard, and is very dedicated to her art. Check out her site at:

(Courtesan. Life-sized ceramic figure by Celeste Flores.)

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