Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fri, Aug 15th, DAY 46

I spent the morning hanging out and reading knitting books and magazines. Carey, Ian and I went to the Denver Art Museum. It was very unusual how interactive the exhibites were. There were lots of activities for kids to do too. I saw one of Anthony Gormleys sculptures in person. That made my trip!

Then Mark joined up with us and we went to the Contemporary Art Museum, which was surprisingly small. My favorite sculpture there was of a cardboard totem pole cast into bronze. They have an art residency program. I need to check that out. In the gift shop I bought the annual magazine called Art in America. It's the complete gallery guide to all of the United States.

In the rain, the 4 of us, waked to a gallery that Barb said I shouldn't miss. It's called the Robishaun (that is very misspell, but that's how you pronounce it). There was a political show being installed since the Democratic Convention is coming here.

Dinner was an amazing spaghetti that Mark made. That night we watched the videos from Mark's bike ride around Alaska. After that, we as a family we watched Casino Royale, the best James Bond movie yet!

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