Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mon, Aug 11th, DAY 42

Today was super hot. I loved it! Ian and I went on a bike ride to the 16th street mall. We saw the "Dark Knight". I saw it in Portland, but Ian hadn't seen it yet. We both agree that it's the best movie of the summer, along with Wall-E. I don't know what I'd change in the Dark Knight. It was extremely well done.

All evening, Ian and I played Munchkins Bites! It's the horror film version of the card game. For the races you can be a vampire, changeling or a werewolf. We played that a ton.

We won't talk about who kicked butt in Munchkins.

Then we played around with my new camera.

We also messed around taking "artsy" pics of a red Lazar pointer on various objects on the deck, like the fountain.

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