Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tue, Aug 5th, Day 36

Today was even hotter then yesterday!! It was high 90s!!! The exciting/exhausting part was that Jillian and I poured the concrete countertops.

I was stressed from the sudden appearance of mixed concrete and a trowl for me. I mushed the concrete into the mold, smashing it down, hoping for no air pockets. We cast 2 counters. One was 200 pounds of concrete plus the water. In hindsight, we shouldn't of risked the counter by setting it on 4 plastic saw horses. They didn't like being shaken, which we did to get the air bubbles to rise to the top. All the walls held up and nothing leaked. Jillian added stain to the concrete and acrylic glue. I can't wait to see how this turns out. She's not worried, because it's not for a client. It's for her. If it doesn't turn out, then she'll try something else. She had a concrete casting company where she cast frames and table tops. She hadn't cast a counter before, but she didn't see the difference from her previous work. I am so impressed with her fearlessness attitude and trying something new. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Maureen, Jillian's studio assistant, was at the rental today. She tooled the leather belts for the belt buckles to go on. They look so good! Today Maureen and Jillian stained all 30 belts! I painted doors while they stained.

By early afternoon we where all burnt out. Jillian was so sweet and treated us to Thai. It tasted so good! I've never sat down in a restaurant with concrete on my leg and under my nails. We all looked so cute in our skirts and dresses, with our dirty paws. After all, you have to look cute when you work. ;-)

I don't recall much else from the day. A bit more casting and we ended early because of the heat. I was completely worn out from the casting.

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