Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mon, Aug 4th, Day 35

Today was SUPER hot!!! It was like summer in Sacramento, except I was working in a house without AC. It was high 90s. Yikes! I cast a bunch more belt buckles and finished up the template for the kitchen countertops. Jillian made the mold for the countertops, with melamine for the bottom and the walls from vinyl strips. She reinforced the vinyl with chunks of wood screwed into the melamine in case the concrete tries to break the vinyl. She then sealed the vinyl to the melamine with caulking, her favorite fix all remedy. I also painted doors ( I bet you wanted to know that). heeheh

Mary Anne made a yummy Mexican dinner. The meat was from Trader Joes. I need to pick some up. It was so good! That night Deb, Mary Anne and I watched the documentary on Genghis Khan. The footage was bland after seeing the movie at the Hollywood theatre.

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