Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Epilogue of the "Liberating trip from BART"

In review of my 49 days away from my apartment in San Francisco, I realize now that I have experienced and completed a lot. It is surprising to me how easy it is to forget how far I have come. For this I am thankful for being diligent about journaling.

Here's the recap:

The idea for the trip was birthed from frustration of waiting on public transportation to move me around the Bay Area. At the time, I was also stuck into a predictable routine, which was governed by lots of rules and list making. I wanted to be away from the city that I know so well, and be in a place that I can get lost and be in nature. This epiffany hit me when I was painting a ceiling out in Berkeley. Why not have a working vacation up in Oregon? And why just stay in Oregon? How abot go anywhere I feel like going? So I packed my passport and jumped on the train.

Days 1-6 in Sacramento, California
Stayed at mom's house

What I did:
- drive-in with mom, aunt and cousins to watch Wall-E
- field trip to Sacramento Recycle and Transfer station with mom, aunt and cousins
- small town 4th of July parade in Rancho Cordova
- saw old friend from middle school (Joanna!!)
-Ian, the Arnez cousins, and I swam in the Sacramento river and rode on a miniature, electric train
-painted mural with 2 assistants (Sam and Isabel)
- my 24th birthday party!
-Kadie baked me her state fair 1st place, chocolate-orange cookies
- made coconut tamales with Kadie

Days 7-9 in Portland, Oregon
Stayed at Deb's house

The itinerary:
- train ride from Sacramento to Portland (only $125 one way!)
- bike ride to Rocky Butte and Mount Tabor
- OMSI adult's night (hands-on science museum)

Days 10-13 in Eugene, Oregon

Stayed at the Eugene International Hostel

What I was up to:
- Eugene public library (read kids' books in Braille)
- Pioneer cemetery
- Oregon Country Fair (learned to juggle)
- Eugene International Astronomers Society (Looked at Mars and Saturn through the telescope at the same time. They were right next to each other! Jaime went with me.)
-Juggled on the campus of the University of Oregon

Days 14 and 15 in Salem and Monmouth, Oregon
Stayed with old family friends from the home school era back in Sacramento

What I did:
-tour of the capitol with Allison
-Explored the State library with Allison
-Berry picking and horse feeding

Days 15-20 in Portland, Oregon (for the second time)
Stayed 2 nights in the Northwest hostel and checked out because the bed was super uncomfortable. For the rest of the time I was at Deb's, chill'n with the sisters, Deb and Mary Anne.

The deal-e-o:
-looked at books, maps, and sculptures at the main building for the public library
- researched design ideas for my future tattoo
- juggled with local jugglers at Reed College
- Worked for local sculptor, Dana Lynn Louis (filled orders, organized a part of her studio and ripped up an old couch)
- Cheered on Deb and Mary Anne at their kickball game
- Naked lady party with Mary Anne, Tracey and me
- hit up the galleries that Philip and Dana told me about
- sand castle competition (now I want to try that!)
- with the sisters, we watched a documentary on tattooing on the History Channel, that I made props for

Days 21 and 22 in Seattle, Washington
Stayed at the noisy Green Tortoise hostel that's right across the street from Pikes Place Market.

My goings on:
-Olympic Sculpture Park (I went here several times. Amazing, amazing! The tour was good too.)
- walked around the Space needle
-Pikes Place Market
- main branch of the Public Library (it's like a contemporary museum of the hot shot sculptors!! It is a must see!)
- galleries that Dana told me about
- Seattle Art Museum (saw my first Do-Ho Suh sculpture in person)
-Klondike museum (Much to my surprise it was about the gold rush not the ice cream bar)

Day 23 on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound (a ferry ride from Seattle)
Slept at the dirty Vashon Hostel; 1 night in a tepee and another under the stars.

What I did:
-rode a ferry that reminded me of growing up in England
- rented a bike for $1 and rode explored the island
-borrowed clubs from a really nice, professional clown, and juggled something besides balls for the 1st time

Days 25 and 26 in West Seattle
Stayed with friends of Mary Anne's, Beth and Jon. Beth is a travel book writer and Jon has his own business, so I had a wonderful time talking with them.

-back to the Olympic Sculpture Park for more inspiration
- Jon gave me a tour of Pikes Place Market and showed me the fish tossing , which I missed the 1st time through)
- went into a music shop to look at mandolins
- At Jazz Ally, I saw Eartha Kit with Mary Anne, Deb and Tracey

Days 27-37 in Portland (for the 3rd time. I just can't get enough of this city.)
Stayed with Deb and Mary Anne again. ;-)

what kept me busy (and sleeping sound at night):
- working for another sculptor, Jillian. I was painting French doors, fence posts, and making a mold for a concrete counter top, then helped pour it. I also cast plaster belt buckles for a commission, that was for film makers for a film festival and put a patina on hardware for the apartment we were remolding.
- Flutag with Mary Anne
- Dark Knight with Kelly and Mary Anne
- celebrated at a champagne bar, for Mary Anne kicking butt in one of the hardest classes at the Academy of Art, the dreaded Color and Design. She earned an A, even though it was an online, summer session class. I am so impressed!

Day 38, in Bothel, Washington (just north of Seattle)

Stayed with old friends from England, that I hadn't seen for about 10 years.

What happened:
-caught up with Judy and Clayton!
- learned from them, about retirement plans, IRAs and sba.org

Days 39-49 in Denver, Colorado
Ian met me at the DIA airport. We stayed at his parents place, up in the finished attic.

The adventures:
-glass gallery with Carey, Ian's mom
-many amazing, chiropractic adjustments from Ian's dad, Mark
-Aerial dance show at BCAA (Boulder County Arts Alliance) with the family
- folk and Irish music at Buffalo Bill's grave with Mark, Carey and Ian
- Dark Knight with Ian
- played Munchkin Bites with my rival, Ian the vampire
-messed around with my new digital Fuji camera
- research for my next application to another Artist-in-Residence program
- devoured a book about resume and cover letter and wrote my own
- took a grant writing class at BCAA with Ian
- cheered on Blayn at his graduation
-visited a friend from my Black Forest camp days (Matt took me hiking and performed some magic tricks for me).
- Went to the Grandparent's house and visited
- Mark, Ian, Carey and I went to the Denver Art Museum, the contemporary art museum and a gallery called Robishaun
-Huge family party for Blayn at Aunt Susan's
- 4 wheeling by Georgetown with Ian and Blayn

Day 49 (August 18th)
With Ian, we flew back to San Francisco. I am still processing all that has been going on and discovered about myself from this trip. I dont miss having a home. I do miss having personal space and a place to make art. Some time soon I will be writing my thoughts from this trip. Thank you for cheering me on, and reading my blog. That is encouraging to keep posting.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I can't remember exactly how, but I came across your blog a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become some of my favorite online reading.

    Your trip sounds like such an adventure, and you recorded it so well! And though it made me completely green with envy to read about your travels ;), it also planted a few little idea seeds in my head that will hopefully grow into adventures of my own.

    Well, this comment is threatening to become long winded, so I'll bring it to an end. I do hope that you'll keep writing, though.

    Good blogs are hard to come by.



  2. P.S. Not sure why, but when I put my URL in the litte box below this one, it didn't seem to want to work. In case you're interested, I'm at www.xanga.com/JoshuaKS


  3. Thanks, so much, my dear daughter, for writing this epilogue and all the other posts on your trip. I am so proud of you. ANd your posts helped me to not worry about your safety. :-)

    These postings were a great way to record your trip, growth, memories. I look forward to reading more.

    I agree with Josh, KEEP on posting.