Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mon, Aug 18th, DAY 49

(The backyard where lots of tanning has gone on.)

(Ian in the backyard strutting his stuff.)

Today is the big day. I am going back to San Francisco. Last adjustments and goodbyes were said by 8:30 am. Ian and I returned the dirty rental car and jumped on the plane.

When we got back to the apartment in San Fran we ran for Mexican: tamales for me and a burrito for Ian. I had no cash so I had a $20 credit card minimum, so in my very hungry state, I quickly filled up the basket with fresh fruits and veggies. I felt so at home in the Nicaraguan grocery store. I love the fresh food and the tamales!! As you know, it's dangerous to shop when hungry, but the prices can't be beat here. Some how I managed to only spend $40 on produce, a burrito and 2 tamales.

I said hello with the lovable, landlord, Eduardo and to his youngest daughter, Rosaria. She had a new puppy named Foxy. She is super cute. Ian and I unpacked, and celebrated my return from being away for 50 days, by drinking champagne. At night we watched Fear and Loathing and had an early night, because of traveling.

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