Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sat, Aug 2nd, day 33

(Check out the flying machine. Pretty soon it will be in the river!!)

Today was one thing after another of fun things to do in Portland. Mary Anne and I went to
Flugtag, sponsored by Red Bull. I know you know what this is. It's the ridiculously entertaining event where teams of people design flying contraptions then push them off a 60 foot high platform into the river (or bay). The one that flies the furthest wins. It isn't really about breaking the record of 100 odd some feet, but seeing silly, having a dance routine, wearing costumes and designing the most ridiculous flying machines. Most just plummet right into the water!!! It was a record sized crowd of 40,000!!! It was way to crowded for Mary Anne and me. It was still entertaining. We are thinking about entering next year. Maybe have an aircraft fabricated by female sculptors, advertising our creative skills. Mary Anne could choreograph the dance and figure out the crazy costumes. We need to look into the rules and the location of Flugtag for next year.

(Can you find me? I am by the trees.)

(Part of the stage. The team members pushed the wheeled flying objects off the stage into the river. The pilot had to man the air craft, but the rest of the team didn't have to jump in. It looked really cold and scary!)

To get away from the crowd we went to happy hour and ate muscles, olives and drank sparkling wine. You can't beat that! About 2 blocks away we went to the movies to see the Dark Knight!! My 3rd movie seen in the theatre this year and they all have been excellent!!! The movie was so dark and creepy. Definitely not a movie for kids. I really enjoyed it.

Mary Anne's man, Kelly, met us for sushi and a night out on the town. It was a very fun night. ;-)

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