Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 3

This week the highlight was having a collaborator to paint the tipi. My cousin was a joy to work with and took off on her own creative design with little direction. I look forward to having more collaborators in the future!

Delightful and creative collaborator.

Using the orange, teal and raw canvas as the under painting, we took segments of the Kandinsky painting on the below mug and applied it to the tipi.

I've had assistance with past projects, but this was different letting my cousin paint what she wanted after explaining my idea. We were basically doodling in a "Kandinsky" style.

Can you find a similar pattern on the mug? I painted this one.

My cousin painted this crest using watercolor techniques.

Quick run down of what was accomplished in seven days:


  • 2 days of painting the cover
  • created a more efficient way to set-up to work outside. (Premixed fabric dyes and poured them into canning jars, labeled and put in 2 milk crates. Instead of making 10 plus trips setting up water bucket, rags, paint brushes, and dyes, just 2 trips are necessary.)
  • Figured out two options for the ground inside of tipi; 2 foot diameter carpet circles. Another option is using a Softarp, which is a tarp on 1 side and soft like a blanket on the other.
  • Asked around and researched online for the name of the wooden poles that I've been using for the tipi. Ends up they are called 10' round tree stakes. The ones I have are from a salvage yard, so I didn't know what they were called. It's a bugger buying more of something without knowing what it's called.
  • Priced materials here for a tipi so I can make a price list. The hardest thing to locate were the poles. With lots of help, I found the poles at a nursery and at Lowes.
  • On Craigslist I found a local supplier for the tree stakes that's even cheaper than Lowes.
  • While looking for materials I hunted for a salvage yard and a creative reuse store. None could be found in the Sacramento area. Does anyone know of one?
  • Heard about free paint on CL. Need to check it out for future tipi poles.
  • Hatched an idea for miniature tipis (top secret for now, pictures on the way)
  • Visualized a business plan and what a day-in-the-life of a business owner as a full-time tipi
Hanging Light: (Photos very soon! They are a sneeze away from being finished.)
  • Experimented with different materials for the lampshades. The ceramic ones look great, except I don't have access to a wheel or kiln any more.
  • Bought xmas lights in the wedding section at a craft store.
  • Strung up a test lamp and loved some aspects of it. Need to hunt down a certain type of plastic cup and try again. I am super excited and hopeful about it. It looks great!

Social Marketing:
  • Updated my blog, personal site, LinkedIn, myspace, facebook and Twitter
  • Set up a widget to automatically change my status on all the above programs by just typing it into Twitter.
  • Revised Blurb book, preproduction for announcement, then sent out announcement on all above mentioned sites

  • Made prototype for record face plates. (In the past I made 200 miniature sheep without testing to see how durable they were. After 3 months of making them, I discovered that the ears fall off with the slightest touch. They needed a bit of wire inside the head to keep them on, but it was too late. Since then, I am adamant about making prototypes. The first attempt is to figure out the kinks and the second one is good to go (if you're really lucky).
  • Unpacked studio some more
  • Built a fort of branches and bark, while wearing an Indian headband
  • Researched Munny; gave me ideas for boobie mold

Weekly Challenge:
Being ok with "permanently messing up" the tent, was a huge hurdle this week. It took about 8 hours to prep and paint the orange and teal on the canvas, so I was getting attached to it (not a healthy thing). Standing 30 feet from it, while on the canvas was on the poles, I'd circle the tipi. It looked good, but not intriguing or stunning. I knew it needed to be pushed, but was afraid of "ruining it" or wasting time doing the "wrong thing." It couldn't be left that way, so the only step was forward.

When dying the under painting, I noticed it was going a similar direction as the mug I was drinking from, that had a painting by Kandinsky. By analyzing the colors, shapes, patterns and other elements of what made the painting work, I hatched a plan. Most importantly it felt loose, so I avoided planning the design for the entire tent at once. I picked areas of the mug that spoke to me and wanted to be translated onto the tipi and started painting. I explained this to my cousin and she got what I was saying.

We both would get so excited about what to paint next and passed the mug back and forth getting more and more bouncy and giddy. Then with quiet focus we tackled a section and started doodling with dye. Sitting inside of the tipi when the sun is up, it's like a stained glass window. The colors glow. Then at night when the light is set up inside, the outside is stunning.

Late last week it was super rainy, so I reluctantly worked on other art projects. The weather has changed again, so I'm hoping to have enough time outside to finish it this week!

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