Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Tid Bits

Besides taking ginkgo biloba, I leave tabs open in Firefox to remind myself for to blog about them. After a day spent outside making a fort near the river with 2 kiddos in grade school, I am exhausted. Plus the pilates class this morning wiped me out.

Here's a super brief list of things to check out:

1. How Christmas tree lights work (in particular the ones with 3 wires).

2. Oregon Country Fair official site. The dates this year are July 11-13.

3. Home Depot's site that has a calculator for figuring out exactly how much paint you should buy.

4. Tree Leaf Silhouette Guide. I love these kinds of things!! It's like a matching game.

5. The Oakland museum that curates shows in public buildings around Oakland. When my next series of art is done, I am considering applying. The 555 building has 40'+ ceilings, which would be ideal for tipis.

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