Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pick'n a Sculptor's Studio

Either I am a slow learner, or I have to experience everything first before making a decision, but to my delight (and surprise) my studio space in Sacramento is so much better than the one at the Lofts in Oakland.

Pros for Sacramento Studio
1. The floors are beat-up wood floors (but beautiful), not acid dyed concrete. I'm not afraid to paint or dye inside.
2. The kitchen is not in the same room as the studio. I don't have to worry about covering up foods before working with certain materials. Being next to the kitchen all day in Oakland made me a compulsive snacker and break-taker.
3. HUGE field in back of house and yard in front! The lofts had a courtyard, but since I prefer to work outside, this gives me lots of space. It's also a lot closer, which saves time setting up and running inside for the umpteenth time when I forget something.
4. No downstairs neighbors. I can make all the noise I want. No Neighbors.
5. Access to a car. I hadn't realized how much this would accelerate my productivity. Thank you mom.

Dream Studio
1. Rolling cargo door
2. 30 foot ceilings
3. organized tool area, art supplies and crated up finished art projects
4. full time assistants
That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there will be more added later.
5. Maybe have a Summer studio in Alaska, because I love working when it's first light in the morning. In Alaska it will be bright constantly. Oh how I love the sun!
6. Near a salvage yard
7. Strong artists' community
8. Creative reuse stores

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