Wednesday, January 21, 2009

100 Items of Me

One of my cousins is bringing in 100 things to class tomorrow. I thought that was such a cool assignment. It's like a visual list of a person. It could be 100 things of the same theme, or groups of 10 of an item, or 100 different things. So many possibilities!

Here's what I'd pull in a red wagon to my 1st grade class:
x1 - The Beatles 1 Album
x1 - digital camera
x1 - yoga mat
x1 - short billed hat
x3 - blue and teal juggling balls
x3 - white juggling clubs
x1 - model of a tipi
x2 - tan springers sandals
x1 - black laptop
x1 - gym membership
x1 - Makita drill
x1 - drill bit case of 50+ bits
x1 - purple metal water bottle
x4 - ginkgo biloba pills
x1 - box of almond milk original flavor
x30 - trail mix (walnuts, cashews, chocolate chips, chili covered mangoes, almonds and cranberries)
x2 - champagne glasses full of mimosas (along with my fake ID)
x1 - can of coconut water
x1 - sunscreen
x5 - tea (Jasmin, orange spice, licorice, earl grey)
x1 - sketch book
x1 - Gluten/dairy free cookbook
x1 - current book I'm reading
x4 - public library cards (Peninsula, San Fran, Berkeley, Sac Town)
x1 - scarf
x1 - backpack
x8 - fresh blueberries
x1 - high quality, dark chocolate bar
x2 - mangoes
x2 - avocados
x3 - beets
x3 - shrimp tacos (fresh shrimp, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers on corn tortillas)
x11 - fresh, organic fruit and veggies (bananas, strawberries, plums, peaches, oranges, apples, krenshaw melon, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes)

Check out what Cactus would bring.

Anyone else want to add to this list?

What would you bring?


  1. Inspiring you have got me thinking. Got a list started over on the blog...

  2. Hmm.
    1x copy D&D Dungeon Masters Guide
    1x copy D&D Players manual
    1x copy D&D Monsters Manual
    12x various dice
    1x 12 pack of Mountain Dew
    5x box of 'chicken in a bisket' crackers
    5x box of wheat thin
    1x enormous pack of popcorn
    3x cans of spray cheese
    1x Digital SLR (i liked cameras as a kid...weird.)
    1x notebook
    2x pencils (the cool mechanical kind)
    6x nerf guns (since this is hypothetical)
    6x character figures
    ....good to go....

    Once, in 2nd grade there was a chemical spill at the school- everything smelled like orange cleaner. We spent the ENTIRE day having recess. I seriously got seven hours of recess. By the end of the day, I was SO ready to go home. Amazing.

  3. Luke I had no idea you love D&D! I'm surprised you wouldn't bring Munchkins. Thanks for posting!!!