Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 1

Unpacking the Bedroom and Studio

Phase 1

Phase 2

Moved all the bedroom things into the one room and tools, art supplies and art work in the studio.

The hall that connects the bedroom to the studio.

Where did everything go? In the closet. Seriously. Everything that I don't need here like kitchen stuff, cleaning supplies, old art work, was inventoried and put in the closet. When I can't find that one thing that is hiding somewhere in a box, I destroy the room looking for it. To prevent this, I labeled each tub and posted outside the closet what was in each tub and marked the color of the plastic container for easy hunting. So far, it has served me well.

Phase 3
The studio didn't make it past phase 2 because there wasn't any more room to unpack/organize and still have space to work on art. So the plan is to use up the materials I have to make the room less cluttered (which will help me focus a bunch). It's frustrating looking at some of the art supplies because I keep moving them from apartment to apartment and keep saying that I'm going to use them to make something awesome. I think this is the last time they are getting moved-so it's time to use them.

The Weekly Challenge
For sure, it was focusing on not getting overwhelmed and frustrated for unpacking "yet again." My mind kept making mental lists of things to accomplished asap, such as unpack, job hunt, make art, and apply to art residencies. Since it would be super frustrating to try to do anything efficiently before unpacking, that was made top priority.

I gave myself a week to place the furniture, shuffle the tubs to their proper rooms, and organize. I didn't want to lose a week to unpacking, but it was essential.

My biggest problem is taking on too much. I make baroque plans, as Ian likes to put it. I am very pleased that I focused on one major task for the week.

From all the moving I was super sore, so I joined the gym to continue the soreness. I figure it's a good thing to be sore, because it means my body is making new muscles. I took three yoga classes to stretch and unwind. The best part is the membership is month to month. That fits me perfectly.

Week 2 HITS
Table of Contents for HITS (Happenings in the Studio)

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