Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

It's been a bit more hectic than normal with lots of appointments, making me forget about some things. This post is dedicated to them.

1. One of my childhood heroes had his birthday on January 26th. You guessed it, it's Wayne Gretzky. I saw him play the Colorado Avalanche at McNickles arena. I am sure that will be something I'll never forget. Truth be told, secretly I wanted to be his daughter, so he'd teach me how to be an amazing hockey player. Plus I wanted to be Canadian and for my last name to be Gretzky. For years I was a die hard fan of hockey and dreamed of winning the cup. My dad broke it to me that women are not aloud to be in the NHL. Women, no matter how amazing, can never win the Holy Grail of hockey. I cried that night in my bed.

2. Happy New Years!
The year of the rat is over (alas) and we're onto the year of the ox. Every 12 years the cycle for the Chinese zodiac rotates. Must admit, looking forward to my year coming around again. I make it a point to not be superstitious, but last year was unusually prosperous.

(That's right, my Grandma has a coconut on her head and a flower behind her ear!)

3. Yesterday, January 29th, was my late Grandma's birthday. Spur of the moment, Mom and I went to Applebees to celebrate her. We love you!


  1. So I think you might already know about this but I discovered the program Stumbleupon for firefox and set it to take me to art and biking websites. I have found some amazingly cool websites off it!!!

  2. Hi Cactus,
    Actually I've never heard of Stumbleupon. Thanks for sharing! What's new in CO?