Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolving Clutter Issues using Folders in Gmail

Over the weekend I used Ian's laptop, where everything is organized and clutter free. This morning I opened my laptop and felt instant anxiety from the 50 plus files on the desktop. (FYI having files on the desktop slows down the computer.) Then opening gmail another heart attack from the 800 emails in the inbox. I hate to delete things in case I need them for some unforeseen reason (or I need to refer back to a conversation for some reason).

Incidentally this morning mom proclaimed that she wanted folders in gmail. I told her Gmail does have folders, except they are called Labels. I showed her how to create labels then how to auto send incoming messages to those labels using a filter. It is amazingly helpful!! Here's the gmail tutorial (written out and accompanied with a short video) on the super easy set up of filters.

I gave a whoot!!! and danced around then the inbox went from 800 to 50 emails. They now fit on one page! That hasn't happened since I set up the account. Later today when I feel like more sorting, there won't be any in the "holding tank", for they will be either deleted or filed. One folder is called "mom", "Ian" and another is "from ME", since I get lots of emails for these categories. Another label is "photos" since I have a hard time keeping track of Picasa photo album invites.

My mom also did a "27 Fling Boogie" and went from 457 emails in the inbox to ZERO!

BEFORE (except mine were not in neat columns)


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