Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book of Braille Sculptures

Using an online bookstore, I published a book of photos and activities about my Braille sculptures. The book is called Decoding Color. To preview the first 15 of the 40 pages, check it out at Blurb's bookstore.

Synopsis of Decoding Color-

Learning a seemingly random skill for a sighted artist- reading Braille, was an exciting adventure into another world full of raised picture books and mental decoding gymnastics.

Beautiful photos of the tactile artwork identifies color through texture. There are activities that explain the basics of decoding Braille, such as the alphabet, punctuation, and numbers. Along with a blank template to write your own messages in Braille.

$7 of each book sold goes to the artist to further her artistic endeavors. Thank you for your support.

The next book will be about the current artwork I am creating themed around tipis. To follow the progress of the art, keep checking in here on my blog.

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