Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 2

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I'm turning into a painter. Bizarre. This week I have painted a plaster boobie (don't worry it's a bird), ceramic lampshades and the tipi cover. Staying true to my love of dimensions, all of the paintings are on 3D surfaces.

What all I worked on this week:

Plaster Blue Footed Boobie
  • patched hole
  • painted
  • dressed all "suvvy" (aka soft and fuzzy)

Hanging Light

  • Knit 10 feet of cord using handmade circular needles
  • Twice had a knitting circle with cousins
  • painted ceramic lamp shades
  • played "electrician" with Uncle Sparky to fix the xmas lights
  • hunted for xmas lights at stores. Found them in the wedding section at Michaels.
  • strung xmas lights in the hanging light

9 Foot Tipi
  • removed safety pins that have been there for 3 months and sewed tipi together
  • sewed Velcro to door and above the door
  • researched and tested fabric dye (used RIT)
  • dyed tipi
  • sealed poles
  • united the rope from the poles and painted under them
  • changed angle of tipi
  • retied poles
  • hemmed canvas
  • researched burning man art grant. Deadline is Feb. 1st. The idea is to get a grant to cover my labor, an assistant and materials to create a large number of tipis. Then drive them to Burning Man and rent for the week with the option to buy.
  • Found out from a friend where to get a comfy and affordable cushion for the tipi (costco, $15)

The great thing about RIT dye, is that it is super inexpensive. It's $4 for a bottle which is the same amount as 2 boxes, except cheaper. I left the dye on the canvas for 12 or so hours, ironed it twice, put the canvas on tipi poles, and hosed until the water ran clear. I had made some tests before to find out how much of the dye was going to rinse out. The color was a little more than 1/2 as its original intensity.

Since moving home, I've been drinking out of this mug. I was taking a break from dying the tipi and sipping orange spice tea, when I realized the stark resemblance of the two. The tipi has thus been dubbed "The Kandinstipi", after the Russian painter, print maker, art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. I borrowed some of his color combos and painted them on the ceramic lampshades. I love his work, because it is loose, bold and colorful. (And Russian names are so much fun to say, like the NHL goalie Nikolai Khabibulin.)



The Weekly Challenge
To get started making art I had to trick myself. I let myself start with a small project that could be finished in an evening. Moving around from place to place for the last 4 years, was a plaster bird sculpture that I made in a mold making class. I invited my cousins over to do art projects with me to motivate me to set up everything. They weren't able to come over so I created without them, since I didn't have the excuse of needing to clean before making art.

Starting and finishing the blue footed boobie was the momentum that I needed. From then on, I was full speed ahead working on the tipi. My goal was to finish the tipi completely by today, but problems kept coming up, so the deadline has been extended to next Sunday.

I am very excited about finishing the Kandinstipi, after sitting around untouched for way too long. This week I am also going to talk to friends who have been to Burning Man and get their feed back on setting up a campsite of tipis. Then consider filling out the grant application.

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