Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week 9 HITS

Week 9


Learning to Listen

I've been working so much that I've managed to strain my eyes. Basically they burn when I look at any type of screen: monitor, TV, camera. Being aware of the achy eyes, I took it easy this week. Often I felt guilty for not getting more done, or sitting and reading.

Using my new calendar, I tallied up the hours I spent on art, and it was 33 hours. Talk about a surprise. That is way more than I expected. Being a creative, we are notorious for being very bad at guessing amounts, like weight and time. Often I overestimate a project if it's something I don't enjoy and underestimate for something I adore. That's why I am writing down how long things take, so I can give accurate estimates for commissions. Either way, my eyes still hurt.

I wonder how many hours I work in a "regular week?" No wonder I get so much done in a week. It will be interesting to track my hours in my new, handy dandy calendar. (More about the calendar on the picasa link.)

With that said, this is going to be a short post. It kills me to do something half-assed, but that's the way it is sometimes.

(left to right) Bumblebee Cactus (available) and A Cactus for Cactus (sold)

Real quick.
Weekly goals:

1. Continue to ad art to online store (check! Cactus lights are now on my etsy store.)

2. Stay current and diligent on freelance work (Roger. Even picked up another side gig. I'll be teaching a water color lesson at a French themed birthday party. My friend is turning 10! Now all I need is a hat. I already have a dress.)

3. Finish reading "organizing for the creative person." (I even wrote the outline for the book review. It is going to be on Starting on March 15th, this will be the first article for my column called "the missing link" between art and business.

4. Daily tweet on Twitter. (I picked this tip thanks to an article my mom sent me. It's called 10 tweet tips for artists.)

You know the drill. More photos of the last 7 days are here.

Biggest Challenge of the Week


My eyes are calling the shots, so this is all for week 9 HITS. I know it's a few days early for this weekly update, but I have friend coming into town for the weekend. I am taking the weekend off! Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend too.

Thank you to everyone who voted on which layout for HITS that you prefer!!!

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