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10 ways to find readers for your blog by leveraging other online presence Activity

Problogger is uber helpful, making it intimidating

While perusing ProBlogger I discovered that Darren makes a six figure income from his various streams of income. Now he has my attention. He's not just another writer, but a successful person that I can learn lots from. Even though I am still overwhelmed by his site because it is too helpful and informative, I am going to widdle away at his post archive.

The article I landed on is called, "10 ways to find readers for your blog by leveraging other online presence." Turning it into a game, I read the article and gave myself points for every tip that he shared that I already do (I had more then I expected). Then in tandem I did the rest of the pointers while writing this post about what I did in hope to encourage you.

1. Twitter Background Image

I had no idea that I could alter the background in Twitter. In no time at all I created a custom image using photoshop. If you are interested, I can make one for your profile for $20.

2. Profile Pages on Social Media

First point for me! I already add my blog link to my social media sites. For some odd reason I forgot to write a bio on Twitter, so following their 140 character limit here's my bio: artist, entrepreneur, life learner, traveler, juggler, yogi, gluten/dairy/egg-free cook, blogger, optimist.

3. Social Media Sites (eg- Facebook)

I use to have an rss feed to Facebook of this blog, until the drama popped up that FB was claiming the rights to any content on their site. I'm waiting for them to revert back to the authors keeping the rights. However I do have an rss feed of my blog on LinkedIn.

ProBlogger recommended to register your blog on networked blogs on facebook. I'd never heard of that section before, but I figured others have, so I registered. To get verified, I need nine kind people to verify that I am the author. Would you please go to this link and verify me? Thank you!

4. Email Signature

Use every opportunity to advertise your blog, such as after your gmail signature. I already have the blog url plus my portfolio site after my siggy. Another point for me. :-)

5. Forum Signatures

I found from experience that leaving your blog url in forums, such as Craigslist, can bring in traffic. I wouldn't know this unless I had a tracking system, like Google Analytics. Don't be pushy and compulsively leave your url all over the forum. Find appropriate places to post it, otherwise people will think poorly of you.

I didn't let myself get intimidated by this informative Problogger article, so I didn't let myself to check out the links the first time through. This week I am going to check this link out!
How to drive 100s of 1000s of readers to your blog

6. Blog Comments

Take the time to build relationships. This encourages loyal readers and it's really fun getting to know other people. Some places to leave comments are on Blogger's blogs of note, carnivals or on blogs of the same niche. This is something I currently do, except I could do more of it.

When leaving comments don't be cut and paste about it and then leave your url. Instead leave a custom comment that encourages or has constructive criticism. There's no need to leave your url, it's attached to your name when you comment.

7. LinkedIn ‘Questions and Answers’

I had no idea that LinkedIn has a Q & A section! It has categories like financial, job seeking, small business, marketing... I could lose hours perusing the Q & As. I definitely need to get more familiar with LinkedIn.

I had to try it out, so I asked if anyone has any connections at Laika in Portland, Oregon. I asked this before in Craigslist in the arts discussion forum and didn't get a response. According to What Color is Your Parachute? having a connection is the best way to get the attention of the person hiring. It's also a great way to scope out the company before deciding to work there.

8. YouTube (and other Video and Photosharing sites)

This one is a check for me. Over the last couple of months I've weekly added photos to picasa. I also made a Flickr account to be cool like the other kids. :-) As we speak, my first documentary on my art is uploading to youtube! Be sure to include your url on all of these kinds of sites.

9. Your Other Blogs

Currently I don't have another blog, but in the future I could see singling out my art from my other interests and create its own blog. For now, I talk up this site on Facebook, Digg, Kirsty, Twitter, my Etsy store, ebay and on

Thanks to Google Analytics, it's told me that I get a decent amount of traffic from the url in my blogger profile going over to my portfolio site and visa versa. I also put the link to my etsy store in my header and that has generated hits as well.

10. Guest Posting

This is something that I've thought about doing for a while. I'm hatching ideas and they are on the way. Darren on ProBlogger has several articles that I plan on reading on how to do this.

What are some ways that you bring in traffic?

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