Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Organizing for Creatives

I've been reading "Organizing for the Creative Person" by Dorothy Lehmkuhl and Dolores Cotter Lamping C.S.W. and ironically this wfmw tip is in there, except that's not where I picked it up.

To many it's a surprise that I am girly; trying on all sorts of outfits before picking the most practical and best suited for my mood. After getting dressed the bedroom has piles everywhere. It's been a fight keeping my room clean ever since I was born. It's through trial and error that I came across what works for me.

First I tried keeping the closet organized by tshirts, tanktops, pants, skirts, and dresses. Then the shorts, sweaters and underware went in their own drawers. Because I loath hanging clothes and folding them, this made me constantly put off doing laundry.

Then I tried simplifying the process of picking out an outfit. I divided the closet in half. One side for art making clothes, AKA "boy's clothes" because they were stained or had holes in them. The other half of the closet had my nice clothes. This system worked nicely for getting dressed, but I still didn't want to put things away when I was done.


I adore the fabric cubbie on wheels!!! Each cubbie is designated a theme, like gym clothes, tshirts, hoodies or sweaters. Since these things don't get wrinkly, I just toss them into the appropriate cubbie. No folding nessessary! If I felt inclined to make the room look less cluttered, the cubbie can be rolled to face the wall.

In the closet there are only nice clothes hanging up. Since I'm typically at home working or at the gym, there hasn't been much demand for them. By eliminating steps for putting away clothes (opening the closet door and putting on hangers or opening drawers and folding), I've kept my room clean for months!

This way of organizing feels so natural, that I'm looking for other places to utilize a cubbie system. One place has been for organizing my art supplies. More about this in the future.

Creatives Organize Differently

"Organizing for the Creative Person" goes over ways to organize that feels natural for you, which is the key to staying organized. By using the typical organizing containers this creates an added challenge for right-brain dominant people. Us creatives need to think creatively about getting and staying organized.

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On March 15th, my monthly column, The Missing Link, on
capitalistchicks.com will review this organizing book and key tips that have worked for me.


  1. I couldn't see your blog for a couple days...not sure why...but I can now and feel so behind in my reading! Anyways, everything looks great and you look as busy as always!


  2. since i live with a right-dominated brain child. i am looking forward to your organizing tips. i hope it helps me to understand him better.

  3. I can use any organization tips I can get! :-) The cubby thing on wheels is neat!