Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 11A Happenings in the Studio


Every Monday I recap what went on in my life, as an artist.

This is the first time since starting HITS, that the post wasn't done early.

I've been out of the office all week and now I'm playing catch up. But it was totally worth spending the week in San Francisco.

To tide you over until Monday night, I've complied a photo album.

See you tonight.

Click on the photo below to go to the album.


Week 11B HITS (rest of this weeks update)
Week 10 HITS
Table of Contents for HITS (Happenings in the Studio)

Week 11 Happenings in the Studio


  1. Thanks for the photos. I look forward to reading your HITS tonight.

  2. Hi there! I couldn't find a way to email you, so I am posting here instead. My menu of the week is up and running,but my URL is not working, so I just have to give you the blog site. We upgraded the blog host and things are just not working right.

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. So...her name is Snicklefritz, or Ms. Fritz for short. I thought of it randomly one day and couldn't say it without bursting out laughing, plus I thought is had a nice Christmas ring to it stuck..

    I guess, however, that it is also a type of pot in Pineapple Express. Not my intention at all. Sigh.