Friday, March 13, 2009

What you can do on this Blog

Not limited to the following:

1. Read about the art making process, how to market yourself as an artist, gluten and dairy-free recipes, books and random topics. Start reading by looking under the Index or Archives, which is in the far right, half way down this page.

2. Leave a comment. Thoughts. Questions. Jokes. Comments make me smile.

3. Look at photos from Happenings in the Studio (HITS), for artwork either in progress or finished.

4. Visit Elizabeth's portfolio website.

5. Shop for Elizabeth's art on etsy.

6. Follow this blog so you don't miss Happenings in the Studio. Every Monday I'll share what I've made and the biggest challenge. To follow, click the follow box that's half way down this page.

7. Purchase my book of Braille sculptures. It has activities on how to write your own Braille.

Have fun visiting! It's great having you here.

1 comment:

  1. What an original post. I may have to steal this idea for my blog. I think I'll add, "You can buy me a book from my amazon wish list." :-)