Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Linky

I first heard about Mr. Linky from Rocks in My Dryer hosted Works-For-Me-Wednesday. (This link shows what it looks like.) The name stuck and my fascination continued. Basically, Mr. Linky is a widget at the end of a post where readers can leave their name and URL, say for a meme.

Today is my first time hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap and I wanted to do it right. So I signed up for a Mr. Linky account. When getting a widget you can pick from the small list of memes. Or using paypal you can become a member for $5 a year. Then you can create custom widgets and how ever many you want. This sounded like the best route for me, so I now have a silver account (it sounds so much more impressive than saying I spent $5 for the annual membership).

WARNING- Mr. Linky's web site is text heavy. Dont freak out. It's just words. It includes simple step by step instructions on how to use the HTML code. You can figure out what they are saying and follow each little step. I did it, so you can too. Play it smart and back up your template before making any changes. They explain how to do that too. When you visit the site, you'll know what I'm talking about and the lack of images.

Purpose of Mr. Linky?
First and foremost, is to use him as much as possible because his name is fun to say. And it makes me smile.

Second- to save time and look professional when hosting for memes, like Gluten Free Menu Swap.

Thirdly- to make this site more interactive. This week the contest with the blue sheep will be posted, along with Mr. Linky, so you can enter your submission.

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  1. Sounds like Mr. Linky is a friend. :-) Maybe I'll have him on my site someday. So I'll be sure to bookmark this post with your helpful info.