Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GF Shopping Tips

New experiences, tastes and ways of doing things, is what I look forward to. Asian markets are packed full of foods made from rice, which is great for those with food allergies to wheat (like me). Since my allergies are mild and I'm not affected by trace amounts of gluten or shared equipment, the Asian markets are great for me. Lots of the foods I don't know how to prepare, but that makes it even more of an exciting challenge.

Seeing the white radishes at the Korean Market,
instantly made me think of a Miyazaki film. It made me want to buy the radishes, so I did!

This is the Radish Spirit from one of my favorite movies, Spirited Away. The level of creativity in Miyazaki's films, baffles me. One day, I want to be as good of a story teller.

In Sacramento, at the Korean Market there is an aisle of rice noodles! Right now there are fresh pineapple for $1.29 each! I can drink sake because it is also made from rice. There are cans of coconut milk for 79 cents. The rice selection is vast, sold in larger quantities and cheaper too.

I only know one word in Mandarin, which means I can't read the packages in the store. Oh well. I just go onto the next thing that catches my eye.

The only Mandarin that I know is yah dong, which means duck egg. A friend taught me to say it (and wrote it down for me), because I was on a quest for fresh duck eggs in Chinatown in San Francisco. I've asked every grocery and I've called most all of them in the phone book. There is no yah dong in San Fran. Oddly enough, the Korean Market in Sacramento sells them by the dozen! The eggs are twice the size of chicken eggs and higher in protien. Double bonus!

Foods from the Asian Market that intrigue me, that I plan on learning to prepare:
  • acorn starch
  • green bean starch
  • quail eggs in a can or fresh
  • Spring rolls
Have fun exploring new things to eat and having greater variety for those with gluten allergies.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. My 2 yr old has celiac and we maintain a GF diet for autism for my 5 yr old. We live in a suburb boardering Chicago so I am sure I can possibly look for the same!

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