Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where to recycle electronics in Sacramento

Local non-profit is looking for your electronics, working or not. Help your community and the environment by recycling your electronics. Proceeds go to supporting women’s ministries at Cordova Neighborhood Church in Rancho Cordova, CA.

We are collecting (working or not):

· Laptops/Notebook Computers

· Digital cameras

· Cell phones

· Ink Cartridges (no laser or toner cartridges)

· MP3 Players

· Handheld Game Systems, like PSPs

· Digital Video Cameras

Top of our wish list:

Any Laptop or Notebook Computers and the following Cell phones-


Nokia N91, E90, N81, N82, N95, 8600 Luna

Blackberry 9000 or 9530

HTC G1 or 8925 Tilt

Touch Pro/Fuze

Samsung SPHM800- Instinct

Please drop electronics off at the Cordova Neighborhood Church office.

Located: 10600 Coloma Rd at Cordova Lane.

Office hours: m-f 9-4pm. Closed for lunch from noon -1pm.

Questions? 916-635-5992 or office@cnchurch.org.

Thank you for helping!!!

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