Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buffett joins my 2009 Booklist

The Essential Buffett: Timeless Principles for the New Economy
This book is #14 for the year, for my 2009 book list.

At the Get Motivated seminar that my mom and I attended last week, one of Buffett's students, Phil Town, offered a great deal on his investing workshop here in Sacramento. Phil Town started off investing when he was a river raft guide who made $4,000 a year. I think I am out of excuses for planning for the future. Now's the time. I've already checked out the website, added my profile picture, and started taking the online tutorials!

Learning the history on topics of interest is my way of understanding new concepts. This is why I am reading a book about the way Buffett thinks, because I want to know too. I plan to wiki the stock market and explore Wealth Magazine's Investools website.

I'm all excited about the workshop that is happening all day Monday and Tuesday. There will be a post about the investing workshop some time next week!

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