Thursday, February 5, 2009

Newcomer to the 2009 Booklist

Book #7 for the year is Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith. I actually started reading it when I got it for Christmas, but since it's an unorthodox book that demands being dragged behind you on a walk or to burn a page, I forgot to include it on the reading list.

This book is ideal for me to trash my controlling, perfectionist tendencies. Thank you Auntie for the book!

I documented with a sharpie on how I cracked the spine.

Here's the book after owning for less than an hour.

I am so glad I bought the organic fruit! Now you will think I always eat like this. :-)

Taking this photo made me collect the fruit stickers that were all over the house. For some reason it was too hard to put them in the book.

Reading the sticker page reminded me of a career that I wanted as a child: sticker designer for Chiquita banana. I tried to locate the sticker that captured my attention but it eludes me. I distinctly recall living in England wanting to design colorful and interesting banana stickers.

I searched the Chiquita site for the sticker in question, but still couldn't find it. Surprisingly the site is really interesting! I had to look around real quick then get back to posting, otherwise I would still be there listening to the original Chiquita jingle while reading about the history of the banana.

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