Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Layout from 2 columns to 3!

Some of you may of noticed that the layout changed. It went from two columns to three. I love it! Now less space is devoted to the background and more for text. I'd been meaning to look into how to edit the layout, then low and behold, on Works-For-Me-Wednesdays, someone posted all about it. Thank you Unfinished mom!!!

Go to the Blogger Guide and follow the steps on editing the HTML. Don't worry it's explained simply and there are pictures.

One thing he doesn't go over is how to find the name of your blog template:
1. Go to your homepage of the blogger blog
2. Click on customize
3. Click on edit html
4. Look for blogger template style. It's towards the top. Mine is son of moto

If you want to edit the column widths, go for it! I put the ads in the first column and the text in the far right column. Then altered the column widths from being the same size to one skinnier and one larger to fit the size of the content. To change the widths, on the first step on the Blogger Guide, where it talks about inserting the code for #sidebar {, you can edit the second line that says "width." Just make sure if you take 25 pixels (px) off of one, add it to the other column.

The reason I put the ads between the posts and the text on the far right is to create a visual rest area. Just because there is more space, I need to avoid creating visual clutter. Just because there is space, doesn't mean it needs to have another widget.

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