Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Things About Me

1. Love sorting things: plastic caps, legos, jars of pens, hardware. It’s so bad I do it to relax.

2. Grew up in the countryside in England playing Robin Hood, while climbing all the trees in a dress.

3. Ambitious artist with atypical left-brain tendencies: organized, analytical and on-time for appointments and deadlines

4. I was picked for varsity softball in high school but I told the coach I’d rather play on JV because that coach didn’t take the fun out of the sport.

5. Thankful for my allergies to "all-things-American": gluten, dairy and eggs. Makes me more creative, healthy and explorative.

6. Dyslexic (when very tired)

7. When I was a kid, I’d regularly ask for ice as dessert when everyone else had ice cream. Sign of things to come? I still prefer fresh fruit, like a mango, to a sweet dessert.

8. Got my license the 1st semester of college when I was 17. Mom and I drove together because we had Spanish together.

9. For a year I worked in a castle. Had the key to every room including the tunnels, basements and attics. One time I slept on the roof by myself and was terrified that the mountain lions were going to find me.

10. I was home schooled full-time until 10th grade. I then went part-time to public school, because I thought I was missing something, and ended up graduating with a diploma. I loved being home schooled! I much prefer setting my own intense pace and choosing my own topics and ways of learning them.

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  1. That was fun to read! I wish I had been home schooled, I used to fantasize about the possibility before I knew anyone else was doing it, back in high school in the late 70's & early 80's. I am a homeschooling mom to six, now, and though it is more challenging than I expected, I love this lifestyle and would never trade it. I too, am artistic, but do not appear to be to those who don't know me well, if that makes any sense. I appreciate a lot of unconventional things, (studied graphic design in NYC for a few years, and used to love to go to the MOMA a fair amount before I left NY) yet look & act pretty conventional. Though I must say, I am feeling a bit rebellious towards the whole deconstructionist trend that has swept our culture these past few decades... Is that a double negative of philosophies? Rebellious against a trend that kind of represents rebellion? Sort of feel a love/hate feeling about it. Longing for a return to beauty. And no, not that "eye of the beholder" type of beauty, but a more objective kind, which I do think exists...