Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Maintenance- Backing up

Can you count the number of times you've heard horror stories of technology crashing and losing all of the information? Cell phones? Computers? How many more stories will it take until you backup what is important to you? Today was the day for me. The blog is safe!

Backing up posts on a Blogger blog:

1. On Blogger go to Settings-Basic-Export.
This saves posts to your computer.
2. I made a folder on the desktop called "blog backup do every 15th" containing a folder called "Feb 09." Hopefully by having the reminder to back up every month, I really will do it.

Or back up posts by having a copy of each new post emailed to you when published. I didn't go this route, so you'll have to find the url. To stay organized set-up labels in Gmail to auto file incoming Blogger posts.

Backing up images on a Blogger blog:
1. Downloaded DownThemAll! which is an ad on for Firefox.
2. Go to the above link and clicked on the giant green button that reads "Ad to Firefox"
3. On the Firefox toolbar at the very top of the browser, click on Tools-DownThemAll Tools-Manager
4. Click on "Ad URL" and paste in the url for your Blogger blog. And tell it where to save the file. For me they are saved to the desktop in the folder called "Feb 09" inside of the "blog backup do every 15th" folder.
5. Click "Start!"

Surprisingly this didn't take much time. For you it will be even faster because the steps are lined out for you. Now you can sleep better at night.

If the content on your blog is super important, backup the posts and images onto your computer and keep that information in some other safe place. Like burn onto a DVD, put on a thumb drive or on an external hard drive, store in a fire proof safe, or leave a copy at your mom's house. Rule of thumb is to have three copies of your backed up files.

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  1. Thanks so much! I need to do this and I'm glad you've shown me some ways how :)