Thursday, February 5, 2009

I miss the _________ in San Francisco

Being a dork of high caliber who memorizes the function and names of random tools and reads books about hardware, I am not surprised that I miss the hardware stores in San Francisco.
My favorite being Brownies Hardware on Polk and Sacramento. I’d ride my foot-powered scooter 18 blocks (round trip) from the sculpture building to the hardware store. I could of gone to some place closer, but I knew Brownies would have what I was looking for. Plus the staff was always available to serve, knowledgeable and fast at the register.

The other hardware store that I miss is Cole Fox on 4th between Market and Mission. Skating around town I’d make detours to see the highly creative window displays. Masterminds Noelle and Dominique are the visual merchandising team. That is a job that I would love to do! I could use anything from the hardware store to try and entice people to shop there. That sounds like so much fun! Borrowed from google images are photos of various window displays that the ladies have created. These photos don't do them justice.

I got to see this one. The umbrellas were on motors, making them rotate in place.

This is a close up shot from the April Showers Window. I am such a sucker for orange!

I discovered my new favorite "squeak eraser" in my mom's tool box! I just took a break from typing to use it on my desk because I couldn't take another "erreeeekk." It's the WD-40 No-Mess Pen. It's shaped like a marker making it easier to target the squeak. Better yet, it doesn't smell like the spray can stuff. I didn't have to move my computer and go type some place else.

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