Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$1 Store Tools

Most of my tools have come from the dollar store. I've saved so much money by shopping there first. Every $1 store carries different tools and brands. Most of them have held up great. It is a gamble, but you just never know. All the nails I've bought have bent in half, but you might buy a different brand at your dollar store and end up loving the nails. Be sure to keep an eye out for flimsy metal.

Tools from the $1 Store that work for me:
Painting supplies (rollers, brushes, trays)
Picture hanging hooks
Mini clamps
Handsaw (the 1st one I picked up was missing a nut that holds the blade in place. Be sure to check if all the pieces are there.)
Light bulbs
Super glue
6 inch level
Tie downs (rope, bungees)
Electrical tape
Allen wrench

Tools that I recommend to buy name-brand because the cheap ones break:
Drill Bits (Mine crumbled, snapped or twisted. My experience is that you have to buy name brand for sharp, well-made drill bits.)
Claw Hammer (The $1 Store hammer was so light it bounced off of nails when trying to hammer them in place. Also the claw for pulling out nails was bend together so there was no way to use it.)
Duct Tape (I bought an off brand duct tape and it wasn't sticky enough.)
Screw Drives (Same with drill bits, you can't skimp on this tool, otherwise the tip of the screw drivers get bent out of whack.)
Nails (Cheap nails bend in half! Now I buy boxes of nails from the hardware store to keep on hand.)
Caulking Gun (First time using it the caulking gun handle folded in half. Since I will only need one caulking gun ever, I splurged and bought the most heavy duty one at a hardware store for $8.)

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