Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Film Speed

I've taken a photography class and had private lessons, but still under pressure I confuse ISO, shutter and aperture. Hopefully reading this Idiot's book will help make these things sink in.

Today's lesson is about film speed. For my controlled studio lit shots of my non-moving sculptures, ISO 64 is ideal since it has the least amount of grain. The other thing I learned is that anything faster then 1/125 the camera needs to be on a tripod.

Found a use for the champagne glasses. It's not celebration time yet, there's art to be made!


  1. You said, "under pressure I confuse ISO, shutter and aperture."

    Is this like when I'm under pressure I confuse the names of the beings in my home/heart. So, when trying to call you I'll say, "Tim, Chip, ELIZABETH!"

    Sounds like some good stuff you are learning. I benefit from this since you also photograph some things for me. LIke the pic of my scarf and book on my blog.

    Thanks for learning, applying and sharing Tim, Chip, ELIZABETH!

  2. Yay! Learning about photography! Good to hear. Hope all is well. You MOVED?