Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 16 HITS

Week 16 Happenings in the Studio

Following the normal pattern for me, this week was unlike any other week in terms of daily schedule or events. The focus has been on getting focused. Simplify and intensify.

It takes a ton to get through to me since I'm stubborn, but after an amazingly huge amount of references to Portland, Oregon, I know I need to move there. My ears aren't just being perked up by any mention of Portland, but unusual connections to that city through friends and else where have been constantly bombarding me. What a wonderful thing to be bombarded by!

I love Portland!!! Every morning I wake up at 7am to my alarm clock on my cell phone. When I turn it off the screen reads, "I heart PDX!" (that's the symbol when traveling by train to that amazing city).

Early in the week I was in San Francisco working for artists doing all sorts of things like sort bottle caps, sew fur and paint trim. They say you turn into the people that you hang out with. If that's the case, I want to turn into the friends that I spent time with on that trip. I am really blessed with passionate, caring, and creative friends. Thank you.

Then the end of the week I was at a three day workshop on creating alternate streams of income, such as buying tax liens and investing in the market. What I'm doing now is not working. It's not the way to pay back my student loans and relieve my anxiety.

Today at lunch I finally had enough eating left overs for lunch. I'm thankful for having nutritious food to eat, but I'm also done being broke.

On a date this week, he asked why don't I just focus on one thing and then move onto the rest? For whatever reason that plan clicked and now I am focusing on becoming educated on trading on the stock market with a focus on managing risk and knowing when to buy and sell. I'm a nut about spread sheets, charts and numbers. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. I'm still playing the "offense" by making money through assisting artists, house/dog sitting and teaching art classes.

Honestly I'm a bit hesitant to even share my interest in the market. I'm done asking or wanting others permission and approval for what I do with my life.

So what does this mean for the weekly happenings in the studio? I'm taking a break from spending most of my energy into my art. I'll still check in on Mondays, but the theme is altering from tracking art making to following the thoughts and actions of an artist.

Photos of Braille that made me bleed are here.

lots of love,

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  1. Now that's taking massive action!! Good things are following you, keeping following your dreams.

    BTW the Braille link doesn't work.