Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 14 Happenings in the Art Studio

Complete Gear Shift

Talk about an unusual week. For starters, I house and dog sat for friends who have a record player. On Thursday, which was my first entire day off for 2009, I danced around to records of Bing Crosby. He is such a heart throb. The rest of the day I watched movies and took several naps.

That day off did me in. I liked it. I want more of them! Working for me means long hours, with little payoff (for now since it’s a start up). I want to expel my creative force into a kick ass full time job and not worry about making rent. I’m making the transition from freelance artist, to finding an employer. That’s what I focused on all week.

I have been determined and motivated, but what I need to have is focus and passion. I adore art, but as you know from the photos I post most weeks, that most of my time is spent on marketing. I have a lot of inventory and want to get it moved out before investing in making new art. I am so ready for a new normal.

Original Weekly Goals

1. Spend 2 hrs. a day on Investing Education
I actually didn’t work on this, because the plan for the week changed.

2. Finish Warren Buffett book
I dabbled in this when I needed a break, but again, this was the goal at the beginning of the week, which ended up being less important by mid week.

3. Knit a prototype Cactus Light with green cord

I knit 4 feet of the cord and tested it to see how it clings to the cups. Before the Cactus Lights were made from elastic, but for a change in color I decided to try this fabric cord. It passed the test. It looks great!

4. Participate in the Problogger event for the blog makeover
I did the assignment for one day, but I decided right now is not the best time to start this. I'll do some now but I can do the rest later.

School kept me in San Francisco and now that I have my degree it’s time to rekindle my dreams of having a super creative job and living in a outdoorsy place, like Portland, Toronto, or Wellington, NZ.

Working from home is lonely and not that exciting. I’ve gone strong for 14 weeks and I’m done proving to myself that I can keep myself motivated and accountable. It’s time to do something new, exciting and active.

I put all of my original goals for the week to the side and focused on job shopping.
Week 14 really looked like this:

  • Researching what to include on a resume for a sculptor applying for a position at a stop motion animation company.
  • Rewriting my resume since I only had a version for art galleries.
  • Applied to 3 local non-creative places, that would be fun because they are fitness based.
  • Looked into applying for jobs at Yellowstone and Yosemite. I decided that being in nature would be incredible but I didnt find any positions that I qualified for that were interesting and paid well.
  • Picked up 3 more applications for more fitness oriented jobs. I have to keep an eye on me at the gym, otherwise I spend hours there and other things get neglected. I love the adrenaline rush, the challenge, the results and the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Dyed my hair brown and got it cut, so I’m all ready for interviews.
  • Researched international companies that I want to work for and gathered the submission criteria.

Click here for Photos of MacGyvered fencing weapon and Easter egg sorting in tipi.

Miniature Blue Sheep Contest

Deadline is this week!

Wednesday, April 15th

Click here for the details.
The prize is a sheep, like in the photo above.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Bing Crosby & the record player. Borrow them anytime you want to.