Sunday, May 3, 2009

HITS Week 17A

Week 17

Highlights for the week

1. Put together photos of my sculptures to music for my demo reel.

2. Went to San Francisco for 2 business meetings, plus to see Caroline's show in Berkeley, who's an artist I assist.

3. Downsizing but getting rid of things I haven't used in the past 6 months, like oil paints and easel. I posted 6 more ads on Craigs List.

4. Applied to Laika in Portland, OR as a freelance sculptor. They are the company that created the movie Coraline. :-)

5. Played Worms and Flock on the PS3 with Ian! He also showed me everything that he worked on in the video game for HSM 3. I'm really impressed. He did a ton of work. My favorite was the blue crescent moon that he designed. It's very painterly.

6. Learned to finger knit and knit a scarf.


Click here for photos of an action figure's torso glued to plywood and my bro, the carpenter.

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